Hand Trucks

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Beverage Drinks Carton Trolley Tilting 4 Wheel

Part No: EW-TBT
250kg Continuous Working Load. Equipped with front omni-directional Rotacasters on a solid stainless steel axle.
$520.00 excl GST

Rotatruck Pro All Terrain Monster - Load Capacity 350 Kg

Part No: EW-RTP-ATM-350
Suitable for large wide loads like furniture and electrical goods and appliances. The Monster Rotatruck is the easiest, quickest and safest way to handle large heavy items like appliances and furniture. The unique, award winning design of the self-supporting Rotatruck fully supports the load and minimises the need to balance or pull back the weight. The ergonomic construction utislises a levering to avoid lifting, reversing on kerbs and also allows continual forward movement during operation.
$859.00 excl GST

Rotatruck Pro Beverage and Stock Truck - Load Capacity 250 Kg

Part No: EW-RTP-BST-250
Australia's most popular food and beverage delivery trolley frame is now available as a Rotatruck! Rotacaster now combines the heavy duty steel construction of traditional delivery trucks with the unique self-supporting wheel base of a Rotatruck. The award winning self-supporting multi-directional Rotatrucks are based on a highly manouverable four wheeled base.
$789.00 excl GST